We Are

        Product Service LLC is a company founded in early 2009 in the state of Georgia. We are wholesale and retail distributors of a wide range of nationally recognized products.

        We import high quality products from reknown laboratories in Latinamerica and the US.

        We have different lines of medications in general, for all kinds of discomforts like the flu, cough, headache, muscle aches, strains, skin wounds, infections, stomach upsets and vitamins in general.

        We also have lines of beauty, personal care, first aid, candies, beverages, teas, ointments, shampoo, baby products and miscellaneous.

        Every day we focus on selling the best quality products and assuring their proven results. We are constantly adding new products to our stock, to offer our customers a wide range of products day in and day out.


Our Mission

        Offering each of our customers the best service possible, regarding prices, products, delivery and quality assurance on each of our product lines.

        We support our customers by providing them with a catalog containing pictures of all the products we sell, ordered by category, and including description and benefits for you, which makes it easy to generate purchase orders.



        We are committed to maintaining a healthy, responsible and devoted relationship with each of our clients nationwide. Our goal is to become your company of choice in the short term and provide growth and commercial strength to each of our clients through our sales representatives in each state we visit and nationwide, and through our staff committed to providing solutions to your needs.

        Hopefully, we will have our products in every Hispanic business throughout the country.

        We hope in God to be able to continue serving each of you in the best possible way and we thank you for the trust placed in our company.